Book 1

     A few years ago the humans considered us fantasy, science fiction. They were wrong. We have been here just as long as they have, we have left traces of our abilities even though we have never uncovered our true nature until now.
    They used to call us Gods. Now they call us demons, monsters, abominations. But we are done hiding and we’re done playing by their rules. Change is coming.

    Annabel had never been good at being a normal. She had always wanted to be somebody who matters, somebody who can make a difference in the world. And the opportunity knocked on her door as she joined the Order, a group of individuals with extraordinary abilities who had sworn to put an end to the pursuit of others like them, to create a new world which would allow the inhumans to live as they wish. Even if that means destroying the old one.
     But what Annabel is not prepared for is meeting William Larson and getting pulled into a cruel game of power, lies and betrayal. Torn between her feelings and her morals she is facing an impossible choice.
     The thin line between good and bad, right and wrong quickly blurs to a point that she could no longer tell them apart. As it seems, staying on the right path is hard when you can’t see anything in the darkness.

Book 2

     After his successful coup, William Larson is the new leader of The Order and Damien Blackwell is on the run with the few remaining followers he has.

      William’s prime objective is to save Annabel who, as a Dreamwalker, is stuck on The Other Side after being sacrificed to resurrect William’s lost love. But things are not as straightforward as William hopes and while he tries to find a way into The Other Side his Order is falling apart under the constant persecutions from the humans and the nasty obstacles Damien places on his way.

      Too busy fighting each other, none of them realizes that the biggest threat is yet to step into the light. A threat that slept in darkness for centuries until somebody opened the door of its prison and let it out.